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#LGBTBizTech Conference Schedule 2015/2016

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Agenda Schedule - April 22, 2015






April 22, 2015
09:30 AM
10:00 AM



Lesbians Who Tech - Opening Remarks


10:00 AM
10:45 AM


Andrea Minkow -
Andrea Minkow


What To Expect and Prepare For When Beginning Your Startup

Session 1:
Learn the ins and outs of what you need to start and grow your start-up. Gain insight on the best practices, tips, and critical systems necessary for your startup. Learn about accessing grants and funds for your start-up, incubators, and networking organizations that focus on supporting LGBTQ's, women.

  • What problem are you solving?
  • How to bootstrap and extend your runway
  • Interpersonal management skills necessary to work with your founding team members
  • The illusive task of fundraising
  • The impact on your personal life and well being when you commit to being an entrepreneur

Additional Speakers for this Presentation
Vivian Rosenthal - Snaps
Vivian Rosenthal

Yartish Bullock - Ethnic Technologies
Yartish Bullock

Ethnic Technologies
Lenore Horton - LFH
Lenore Horton


11:00 AM
11:45 AM


Maureen Erokwu - Vosmap
Maureen Erokwu



How Tech Is Changing The Game For The LGBTQ Community

Session 2:
Come hear a panel of dynamic speakers doing incredible and ground-breaking things in their field for the LGBTQ community. Discover how they are leveraging technology in innovative ways to help support our community in turning the tide on oppression in present day and looking towards the future.

Additional Speakers for this Presentation
Crystal Ward - OutDoc
Crystal Ward

Sarah Pappalardo - Reductress
Sarah Pappalardo

Digital Strategist, Co­-Founder
Djuan Trent - Former Miss Kentucky
Djuan Trent

Former Miss Kentucky
Kate Schaefer - H&H Weddings
Kate Schaefer

H&H Weddings

01:30 PM
01:50 PM


David Paisley - Community Marketing & Insights
David Paisley

Senior Research Director
Community Marketing & Insights


Opening Remarks and Introduction
This introductory session will review LGBT parents’ marketing and purchasing data from Community Marketing & Insights' 2014 LGBT Travel Survey and LGBT Community Survey.


01:50 PM
02:30 PM


Gabriel Blau - Family Equality Council
Gabriel Blau

Executive Director
Family Equality Council


LGBTQ Families in 2015: Overview from the Family Equality Council
Gabriel will present the most up-to-date numbers — and surprising facts — about LGBTQ families. Even if the Supreme Court makes same-sex marriage legal, families led by same-sex parents still have plenty of fights left. Many states still deny LGBT parents "second-parent adoptions," even in states where marriage is already legal. LGBTQ people are often rejected when they try to adopt foster kids, even though there are 400,000 kids in the foster system and 100,000 eligible for adoption today. And LGBTQ families still can be legally turned away from housing, jobs, even service in a restaurant – even or a haircut.


02:30 PM
03:00 PM


Kelli Carpenter - R Family Vacations and The Broadway Cruise
Kelli Carpenter

R Family Vacations and The Broadway Cruise


LGBT Parent Travel
This session will look at the history of LGBT parent travel and R Family Vacations' learnings as the only travel company that markets to this community. We will discuss the differences between this community eleven years ago when we began and where we are to date.


03:00 PM
03:15 PM





03:15 PM
03:45 PM


Cathy Renna - Target Cue
Cathy Renna

Vice President
Target Cue


Focusing on Our Families: Reaching The Diverse, Growing LGBT Family Market
This session will focus on some of the latest demographic, cultural and political shifts that are happening that are impacting LGBT families, with a focus on some creative ways to reach the many diverse LGBT families and our allies through media and marketing.


03:45 PM
04:15 PM


Brian Rosenberg -
Brian Rosenberg



Outreaching to Gay Dad
There are many different paths to fatherhood that gay men take—and they almost always involve some level of pain and loss. A strong understanding of how we become parents will help marketers create authentic marketing campaigns that will ultimately yield great success. Like any marketing niche, there are a few issues that gay dads are particularly sensitive about and should be avoided.


04:15 PM
04:30 PM



Closing Remarks


07:00 PM
09:00 PM



Mixer/Reception at YouTube Studios
All LGBT Week NYC conference attendees are invited to an evening happy hour at YouTube Studios in Chelsea. This event will be a joint mixer, where you'll have a chance to meet and mingle with various YouTube video celebrities, including a few LGBT YouTube video stars.

NOTE: Waiting list only

Venue: YouTube Space NY
75 9th Ave., 6th Floor, New York, NY