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#LGBTBizTech Conference Schedule 2015/2016






April 24, 2015
09:00 AM
09:30 AM


Thomas Roth - Community Marketing & Insights
Thomas Roth

Community Marketing & Insights


LGBTs are voracious tech consumers. What makes them tick?
LGBT consumers were among the first to achieve Internet saturation. Indeed the Internet has reduced isolation among rural LGBT youth, changing the very demographics of who LGBTs are and where they live. Facebook is now integral to our existence, and has expedited the “coming out” of many. We have gone mobile in a big way. We buy more iPhones and Android phones than the general market, and easily and voraciously embrace new technologies. How can companies better understand these tech-savvy market leaders, and leverage their interest and loyalty to apply to sales and marketing? This session explores the latest in LGBT consumer research and behaviors, and provides practical how-to advice for making emerging technology and LGBT communications work for you.

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Lu Xun - Community Marketing & Insights
Lu Xun

Community Marketing & Insights

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