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#LGBTBizTech Conference Schedule 2015/2016






April 23, 2015
01:55 PM
02:20 PM


Tom Whitman - Flip Radarworks
Tom Whitman

Flip Radarworks


The intersection of cause and commerce
LGBT Marketing begins and succeeds at the intersection of cause and commerce. Every LGBT marketing campaign has to deliver two messages simultaneously: 1) Buy our product or service. 2) Our brand supports the LGBT community.

How do you communicate two messages at once, authentically and effectively? How do you decide which message has more weight?

In an age of influence and branded content, navigating the intersection of cause and commerce can make a brand’s outreach into the LGBT market not only authentic and resonant but also extremely effective in terms of ROI. Leveraging the right influencers for the right cause, using branded content that doesn’t hit you over the head, can be a great driver for buzz and for commerce simultaneously.

Attendee takeaways:
  - Practical knowledge on engaging with community organizations in a meaningful but appropriate way.
  - Case studies, including a large AT&T campaign.
  - How to choose the right influencers for your project, leverage their social reach without breaking your
    bank, and why influencer marketing in the LGBT community is the new frontier.

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Additional Speakers for this Presentation
Michi Suzuki - Radarworks
Michi Suzuki


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