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#LGBTBizTech Conference Schedule 2015/2016






June 04, 2015
11:00 AM
11:15 PM

Main Stage


Matt Skallerud - Pink Banana Media
Matt Skallerud

Pink Banana Media


#LGBTBiz - Advanced LGBT Online Marketing Strategies for 2015, Part 2
Deeper Dive Understanding of SEO, Paid Search and Social Media Competitive Analysis
Most of us are aware of the "key words" people use when finding our websites, whether this is in search or social media using #hashtags. There are tools available to all of us that "turn the lights on" when it comes to understanding what is happening online with those key words and how your company is positioned in both organic [free] search and paid search. We also dive into the tools available in analyzing how your company is performing in social media... are people "interacting" with your content? Who has the most posts and tweets, who has the most followers, and most importantly, what posts and tweets are being commented on, liked or shared the most? This workshop answers those questions and more.

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