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#LGBTBizTech Conference Schedule 2015/2016






April 23, 2015
10:00 AM
10:35 AM


Apoorva Gandhi - Marriott International
Apoorva Gandhi

Vice President, Multi-Cultural Affairs
Marriott International


MARRIOTT and PFLAG: From Civil Union to Marriage
Corporations often burnish their corporate social responsibility by aligning with nonprofit causes. In the past 20 years, corporate America has been courted more and more by LGBT groups and causes, growing new audiences and suggesting new business strategies. While so many companies simply write checks for causes, Marriott and PFLAG show by example that true partnerships can have so much more value. In their presentation, Apoorva Gandhi, Vice President for Multicultural Affairs will join with Beth Kohm, deputy executive director for PFLAG, to offer examples and to highlight new ways that both organizations share a common cause to improve their mission, grow their ranks and communicate shared values.

  - Attendees will acquire a deeper appreciation how a nonprofit can help teach a corporation about
    workplace language and customer care.
  - The session will highlight how employee groups can partner with internal stakeholders and with
    nonprofits to channel their philanthropy and community activism.
  - This session will also strengthen the meaning, relevance and potential for true allies -- how they
    support business and causes.

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Additional Speakers for this Presentation
Elizabeth Kohm - PFLAG
Elizabeth Kohm

Deputy Executive Director

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