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Brian Rosenberg - GaysWithKids.com (Co-Founder)
Brian is passionate about growing Gays With Kids into the world’s leading content portal to help gay dads navigate fatherhood. In addition to sharing stories and information on how gay men create and raise their families, Gays With Kids will also address anything and everything else deemed relevant to gay dads.

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Conference Presentations

LBT Women's Forum & LGBT Family Forum - April 22, 2015

April 22, 2015
03:45 PM
04:15 PM

Outreaching to Gay Dad

There are many different paths to fatherhood that gay men take—and they almost always involve some level of pain and loss. A strong understanding of how we become parents will help marketers create authentic marketing campaigns that will ultimately yield great success. Like any marketing niche, there are a few issues that gay dads are particularly sensitive about and should be avoided.

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