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Carl Huelsman and Alex Harvilla - AskTell: An LGBT Communication Agency
With backgrounds in advertising, strategy and graphic design, they came together to start a new type of agency. Creating strong relationships between companies and the LGBT audience, they help brands become successful through being part of a movement. They grow their client's business, and do so through making an impact in the world.
Their services focus on a variety of marketing and communication needs including: Graphic Design and Branding, Visual Communications, Strategy [traditional and digital], and Experiential Marketing.
  - Website: www.AskTellAgency.com

Conference Presentations

LGBT New Media Symposium - May 18, 2017

April 24, 2015
02:00 PM
02:20 PM

Millennials... WTF?

Are they narcissistic or civically oriented? Are they are self-centered or helpful? Millennials have been one of the hottest topics in American culture for the past few years but with all the contradicting data out there, how do you know what to trust?

Join AskTell for an insightful conversation on Millennials. From technology to advocacy, we’ll help you sift through all the BS and discover engagements that truly matter.

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