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Billy Kolber - ManAboutWorld (Co-Founder)
Billy Kolber graduated from Yale with a B.S. in biology. In his senior year, he was elected Business Manager of the Whiffenpoofs, and organized their traditional round-the-world tour. Upon his return, he started a career in travel, managing the American Express travel agency in New Haven, Connecticut. He left American Express to co-found OUT&ABOUT, the ground-breaking gay travel newsletter and website, which he sold to PlanetOut.com in 2000. A true renaissance man and entrepreneur, he has worked as a commercial photographer, chocolatier, top-selling Avon Representative, author and guest experience consultant. In 2012 he founded his second travel magazine, ManAboutWorld — not online, not in print, only on iPad and android tablets, and ranked #1 in iTunes for gay travel.
  - Website: http://bit.ly/WP2013FREE

Conference Presentations

LGBT StartUp Forum & LGBT Entrepreneur Forum - April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015
11:15 AM
12:00 PM

Make The Freelance Economy Work for You

Technology has changed the way all businesses find employees and contractors, and put a global talent pool at every entrepreneur’s fingertips. But finding, training and motivating freelancers from all over the world without face time has challenges. Billy Kolber, founder of ManAboutWorld Magazine, will share his experiences with contracting small jobs in Pakistan, the Philippines, Israel, Great Britain, France and northern Virginia. This fast-paced session is packed with practical tips you can use to make the freelance economy work for you.

  - Attendees will learn about oDesk, Fiverr, and 99 Designs: How they’re different, and which kinds of
     freelancers and jobs you’ll find in each.
  - Finding the right candidates is a job itself. I present three strategies for narrowing — or expanding —
     the field.
  - Avoiding the pitfalls: How to protect your data, your timetable, your budget, your reputation and
     your sanity.

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LGBT New Media Symposium - May 18, 2017

April 24, 2015
10:55 AM
11:15 AM

Content is King — Don’t be a Pawn

In this era of shrinking attention spans, content marketing has become a go-to strategy for every kind of business. But with so much content being created, how do you create a content marketing strategy that delivers? With case studies from the travel industry, but strategies applicable to any business, this session will explore the key concepts for effective content marketing, from creation to promotion.

  - What are the hallmarks of successful content marketing
  - Which types of content are best suited to your goals
  - How to drive people to your content, and drive your content to people

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