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Ed Salvato - ManAboutWorld (Co-Founder)
Ed Salvato is co-founder and editor in chief of ManAboutWorld, an immersive digital publication with well-researched and written articles; video; audio; and gorgeous high-resolution images bringing a rich world of gay travel opportunities to our readers’ tablet in 10 beautiful issues a year. It’s not a website or a print publication but combines the best of both worlds without killing a single tree in its production! With over 25,000 downloads it is #1 in “gay travel” in the App Store. Known as a “global LGBT travel expert,” Ed Salvato has spent the last 15 years in the world of LGBT travel and tourism and has visited hundreds of hotels, over 75 countries and six continents. Ed has been on countless press trips as an attendee; he’s assigned many writers to join press trips; and he’s organized press trips when he was a consultant for Outthink Partners. He knows from press trips! For a three-month free subscription of the magazine, visit: bit.ly/WP2013FREE. Ed’s based in New York. You can follow him on Twitter @EdSalvato or Instagram @Ed.Salvato.
  - Website: http://bit.ly/WP2013FREE

Conference Presentations

LGBT Tourism & Hospitality Symposium New York - May 16, 2017

April 21, 2015
04:05 PM
04:30 PM

Your guide to successful group press trips: a practical guide with useful examples

At their best, press trips align the interests of travel promoters, travel journalists and travelers. In our decades of experience in travel editorial, we’ve experienced the very best of this synergy, as well as too many head-scratching missed opportunities. The best press trips follow the simple guideline of being tailored to their audience. But in practice, creating press trips that do this isn’t simple — particularly for an LGBT audience, which isn’t nearly as homogenous as our umbrella acronym would imply. We’ve taken the best practices we’ve observed over the years, combined them with advice from some of the best press trip organizers we’ve met along the way, and organized it into a comprehensive Guide to Press Trips. This presentation provides highlights of key sections of this guide along with examples of how this has resulted in great coverage.

  - Attendees will learn tips for curating a successful press trip;
  - They’ll learn the importance of different types of communications before, during and after the trip;
  - They’ll learn about some of the important [and often overlooked] logistics of organizing a successful
     press trip.

The learnings from this session are directly pertinent to running LGBT group press trips but are also applicable to just about any press trip.

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