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John Livesay - Selling Secrets for Funding (Funding Strategist for Tech CEOs seeking VC investment)
Livesay Consulting and Sales Coaching
As a business consultant and coach, John Livesay helps CEOs craft a compelling message that allows the right people to say yes and make their business soar.

After a successful 20 year career in media sales with Conde Nast where he worked across all 22 brands in their corporate division [GQ, Vanity Fair, Wired, W and Vogue] and created integrated programs for clients such as Lexus, Hyundai and Guess, John won salesperson of the year in 2012 across the entire company.

John’s book, “The 7 Most Powerful Selling Secrets” applies metaphysical concepts to selling situations and has been translated into Spanish and Russian. John has a B.S in Advertising from the University of Illinois

Now living in Los Angeles, he shares his life with his husband Oscar and their King Charles Cavalier, Buddy. His personal passion for photography allows him to "paint with light" and capture joyful moments that help keep his creative juices flowing.
  - Website: www.sellingsecretsforfunding.com

Conference Presentations

LGBT StartUp Forum & LGBT Entrepreneur Forum - April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015
04:30 PM
05:00 PM

How to avoid the 3 most common mistakes CEOs make getting funding

The exclusive and proven technique of the 3 C’s shows how to get funding fast. It explains to CEO’s the mistakes to avoid when seeking funding to grow their business as well as how to attract advertisers to drive revenue.

Takeaways: Mistakes to avoid so you get investors to say YES

Logical Confidence
There is no Logical Confidence [certainty grounded in wisdom] in what the offering is and what makes it unique. Preparation is key to building confidence to present with passion and conviction. You also have to be completely prepared to answer questions about why you and why now.

Right Brain Connection
There is no Right Brain Connection with the investors. People buy emotionally and back it up with logic. If you don’t have stories that are memorable and engaging, then nobody will invest.

Strategic Commitment
There is no Strategic Commitment with the most common mistake being not asking for the money! You need a conversion strategy that is logical and compelling.

Value to Audience:
The audience will learn how to sell themselves and their companies more confidently. There will be exercises that teach the 5 key traits to convey when selling that they can start to apply immediately. [Integrity, Passion, Experience, Vision, Empathy] They will learn how to craft a storytelling “elevator pitch” in a way that is memorable, emotionally engaging and creates a desire to learn more. Finally, they will learn new skills to get the right people to say yes faster.

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